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Not Quite Enemies

Corporate is clear on the no dating rule, but it’s not like Morgan was asking him to date her.

If Drew King knows one thing, it’s that Morgan Taylor hates him. She HATES him. So when she texts him for a hookup, he’s half convinced it’s an elaborate prank, but if it isn’t…

Morgan is shocked when Drew King shows up at her door — the wrong Drew. But before she can explain, he kisses her. Maybe hate sex is exactly what’s needed. One night only.

On Monday, Morgan is ready to put it all behind her until the boss calls both her and Drew into his office to find out they are both being considered for the promotion. But maybe there’s a lot more than a promotion at stake here, something neither one of them ever considered.

The chemistry between them is off the charts, but Morgan starts discovering there’s more to Drew than ego…maybe they’re not quite enemies after all.

Not Quite Roommates

I was perfectly happy with my unattainable crushes until HE showed up.

Then Jonah Sinclair subletted my roommate’s half of the apartment.

He’s a grumpy, surly, giant piece of man candy, with a hatred of shirts.

No shirts. Ever. Just… abs. Abs everywhere!

The man didn’t even last two nights in the apartment without bringing home a hot woman to do right there on the kitchen counter.

It’s not my fault I fell asleep on the couch or that the word “boundaries” means nothing anymore.

When he catches me watching them and doesn’t stop, I feel…. whoa.

Thankfully, I can escape to work the next morning and get some space.

Only, guess who is sitting in the desk next to me when I arrive.

At least he’s wearing a shirt.

Now I’m fighting hormones at home, hormones at work.

It’s probably time to just admit that the smolder he gave me while giving someone else the time of her life was the best I’ve ever had too.

All I know, is this is my chance to enjoy a hot affair—as long as I can keep from falling for him before he does another fast bolt to the next job, the next town.

Not Quite the Boss

All I wanted tonight was to drink cheap margaritas with my best girlfriend. But when she blows me off for work, the hot guy sitting next to me seems like a good option. After all, Aiden’s got keys to the penthouse, a gorgeous, tall body, and the chemistry between us is insane.

Living the weekend in my Pretty Woman fantasy, I’m ready to tackle the office on Monday until my fantasy guy shows up and tries to take charge of the department I built. Forget that. Aiden’s got two weeks to get his act together and realize I’m the one in charge.

He wants to make a name for himself, even if that means steamrolling over me. But he’s got another thing coming, because he should have learned from our weekend in bed, I always come out on top.

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